Officer's Testimony


My turning point in Toastmasters happened when I was elected President about a year ago.  Serving as president has given me many many opportunities to practice giving prepared and impromptu speeches. 

For example, my president's welcome at every club meeting involves a lot of thought, preparation and practice.  It like giving a mini speech at every meeting.

I also get to practice my impromptu conversational speaking because I talk story with many guests, prospective members, district officers and club officers from other clubs.  I strive to make the best first impression no matter who I'm speaking with so I really have to think quick on my feet.

Have you had a turning point in Toastmasters yet?  Serving as our next club president could be it!!

- Kimberly Okamura, President, 2010 - 2011



It's been a privilege serving as VP Public Relations, President, and VP Membership of Kapolei Toastmasters over the past three years.  I get such a charge from helping others in little ways that gets them moving in a positive direction; first gaining their self-confidence then finding their speaking voice.  I've seen people literally transformed by their Toastmasters experience with positive outcomes in all aspects of their lives... their work, home and relationships.  And it's so satisfying when they, in turn, pay it forward by helping others.

I look back on my personal journey in the various Officer roles as a master class in leadership.  My work in organizational development has given me a unique opportunity to be exposed to leadership courses and coaches, and I can attest the Toastmasters leadership program is competitive and in some ways superior.  Get involved and learn from experienced Toastmasters who are the real deal... true leaders. 

Pay it forward by choosing to make a difference as an Officer of Kapolei Toastmasters!  

- Barney Asato, CC, CL, VP-PR, 2010 - 2011

"I have had the privilege of serving as Secretary, Treasurer, and VP of Public Relations for the Kapolei Toastmasters Club.  Participating in a leadership role has taught me many valuable technical skills but more importantly, the people skills that really make a difference in life.  Rather than just show up, I feel a sense of pride and contribution in making this club a successful one that other clubs look to model.

Most importantly, I feel glad that we've built such a strong foundation among our entire membership that we have many future leaders who will take Kapolei Toastmasters even further, and that's definitely something to look forward to!"

-Bryan Toda, Secretary/Treasurer 2008-2009, VP Public Relations 2010-2011


 By joining Kapolei Toastmasters and actively participating I have been the recipient of many benefits.   I feel my involvement in this positive learning process has improved my communication and leadership skills and has opened up a portal to new and exciting opportunities to grow, improve my self confidence and achieve personal goals.

I am currently serving as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Club.  Serving as an officer has been an outstanding experience for me.  Not only do I continue to gain new organizational, planning and listening skills, but most importantly it has given me the opportunity to get to know and work together with a group of very professional, talented and dedicated individuals, who have the best interest of each club member's learning experience in mind.

By attending the executive meetings I had a first hand awareness of the work that is done behind every club meeting and the successful results of working together towards a common goal.

From a wider perspective, by serving in this capacity, I have been able to be an active part of the growth and personal development of the members of our club and that is a very rewarding experience. It was a highlight at the last officer training I attended, to hear the positive opinion that District 49 experienced toastmasters have of our club,  because of the policies and high standards of achievement that Kapolei Toastmasters follow. What a privilege for me receive such special rewards!

- Jennifer Sonson, Secretary/ Treasurer, 2010 - 2011


  "Serving as VP of Public Relations was a great growing experience for me personally.  It helped me dramatically improve the two main goals Toastmasters wants its members to achieve, to excel in communication and leadership.  I was able to achieve Competent Communication status and successfully compete in multiple speech competitions while I was an officer.  The experience that I've gained from being an officer at Toastmasters Kapolei is PRICELESS and I would not trade it for anything!!!!" 

- David Do, CC, VPPR, 2009 - 2010